Terrigal Holiday

Terrigal Excitement!

This hand was in Session 3 of the duplicate on Monday 16th September.

Bd 4
All Vul
W Dealer
10 8 3
9 8
A 10 5 3 2
J 7 4
A K J 5 2
A 10 7 2
J 6 4
[ 4 ] Q 9 7 6 4
K 3
K Q 9 7
Q 5
Q J 6 5 4
A K 9 8 6 3 2

1 P 2NT 5

There was plenty of scope for a variety of contracts. East’s 2NT bid was the Jacoby Raise (4 card support and opening values plus).
South, with 7/5 shape and a void in Spades, made a practical bid of 5. Neither East nor West was inclined to take the push to the 5 level and East decided to double.

What is the best line to make 11 tricks?

West led the A, which was ruffed by declarer, who then drew 2 rounds of trumps and crossed to the A. He led a small Heart from dummy, which East won with K, followed by the K – ruffed by South.

Declarer now played Q – West took the Ace, but there were no more tricks for the defence.

Note: to defeat 5, West has to lead a small Heart to East’s King at Trick 1; East returning a Heart to the Ace and a third heart can be trumped with East’s Q.
East/West can make 11 tricks in Spades, but East with Qx of Clubs, is concerned about 2 quick Club losers.

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