Tim Seres does it again!

Playing in the Autumn Nationals in Adelaide, my team of Liz Adams, Jane Dawson, Bob Bignall and Peter Gill finished a creditable third place after nine rounds of Swiss teams.

Have a look at the bidding and play on Board 25 of Match 5. The Dealer was North (Beauch), playing with Liz Adams against Zolly Nagy, who often partnered Tim Seres (East) and David Lilley (West).

Bd 25
EW Vul
N Dealer
A Q 3
A K Q J 5 2
K 9
7 6
K 9 8 7 4
6 4
J 6 4
A Q 3
[ 9 ]
10 9 7 3
A 10 7 5 3
J 10 8 2
  J 10 6 5 2
Q 8 2
K 9 5 4

1 P 1 P

North has a tricky rebid: a jump to 3 is non-forcing and understates the playing strength of the hand.So, what is the best bid?

One of Australia’s bridge greats – Tim Seres, had a golden rule: hands with 6322 pattern should try to play in NTs, rather than a suit. His advice held true on this board. My 3NT rebid should show a hand with 6 strong hearts and allows partner to decide whether to play 3NT or 4.

Against 3NT, I received a small lead, which ran to East’s Jack and my King. I hoped that my suit would provide six tricks, so I could count to 8 tricks, with no certainty of a ninth….

What are the options for a ninth trick?

a) lead a towards the King, hoping that the Ace is onside

b) lead a low towards the Queen, hoping that they duck or win the Ace on your left and set up a spade or club for you

c) play on spades

I decided on the third option, as I hoped to steal a trick through subterfuge. I played the Q from my hand. What was West to do?

He assumed that I wanted to establish dummy’s suit, and, in order to block my entry to dummy, he ducked. I ran for home with 9 tricks! West had a tough defensive choice. The optimum play was for West to win the K and return a diamond to East’s Ace. East could now shift to the J and defeat 3NT – a very difficult defence to find. At the other table, North/South bid to a highly optimistic 6 contract, which went down 2, doubled.

Match 2 vs Hinge

Bd 21
NS Vul
N Dealer
A 5 4
K 9 5
K 10 9 8 6
A 8
J 6 3
8 6 4
3 2
10 9 7 5 3
[ 5 ] Q 9
A 3 2
A Q J 7 5 4
6 4
  K 10 8 7 2
Q J 10 7

K Q J 2

1NT 3 X P

We play a 15-17 NT but I decided to upgrade with my 5 card suit and good pip cards. Kim Morrison (East) had no convenient way to overcall s at the 2 level and bid 3. My partner made a very well judged takeout double, which I converted to penalties. Declarer made 4 tricks for -1100. East should pass 1NT with no shortage and a hand ideal for defence!

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