Teams of Three – Play the 5-2 Fit!

I had the pleasure of playing as a Captain in the Teams of Three with Rod Dunn, Timothy Stewart and Ian Jamieson. It was a well attended event (48 teams) with teams drawing from a pool of experienced players as captains. Each member of the team played two matches with the captain and there was a jovial atmosphere throughout the day.

All captains sat in the South seat.

Bd 1
Nil Vul
N Dealer
J 8
Q 7
A K J 8 4
A K 10 7
6 3
10 9 8 5 4
9 7 6
9 5 2
[ 1 ] A K Q 7 5 4
Q 10 3
Q J 3
  10 9 2
A K J 6 3
5 2
8 6 4

1 1 X P
3 P 3 P
4 P P P

I made a negative double, as I was unable to bid 2 initially – responder requires 10-11HCP to bid a new suit at the 2 level.

When my partner jumped to 3, I decided that, with no spade stopper, the only prospect for game was in Hearts. My partner’s raise to 4 looks practical, as my hand could easily have a 6 card heart suit.

Having reached the 5-2 fit, the only problem was how to play the hand!

West led 8. East won 2 high spades and switched to a trump. I won Q, cashed the A and K and ruffed a Diamond in hand (noting the 3/3 break). I now played A and discovered that the trump suit was not breaking. I cashed my remaining high Hearts, pitching small clubs from dummy; crossed to dummy with A and played a top Diamond, throwing my remaining spade. West ruffed with 10. As West had no more Spades, dummy was high.

Modern bridge theory is that a 9 card fit is desirable and an 8 card fit is possible but sometimes, a 5-2 fit is the best place to play!

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