The Trojan Horse in Adelaide ANC

Youth players win Australian Butler Pairs in Adelaide!

Justin Howard and Peter Hollands rode to victory in a gruelling competition over 6 days. Each pair played a 12 board match against the other 19 pairs who had qualified for Stage 2. I was sitting South, playing with Liz Adams.

Bd 11
Nil Vul
S Dealer
A K 10 9 8 7
5 3
Q 7 5 4
4 2
K 9 6
J 8 6 2
A Q 5 2
[ 11 ] Q 6
A 10 4 2

K J 10 9 8 6 4
  J 5 3
Q J 8 7
A K 10 9 3

1 P
1 4 P 5
5 P P P

It looked like we had 2 Heart losers and a Club loser for one off in 5. West led A; East played 4 and ….
West continued 2. To say that I was surprised to get a ruff/sluff at Trick 2 was an understatement. Actually, I was suspicious – why would a good player want to give me a ruff? Could it be that West had 4 trumps and wanted me to ruff on the table, shortening my trump suit and therefore unable to pick up his Jack to 4? Why had he not switched to something else (particularly a Heart?) Later, West told me that he was unsure whether East’s 4 was suit preference for Hearts.

When opponents manoeuvre declarer into a particular line of play, it is rarely to Declarer’s advantage to comply. (My wife calls it contrariness but I maintain that it is wariness). So, I ruffed in hand – not dummy; cashed A – East showing out and then ran 10, which was not covered.

Then I played two top Spades and drew trumps for 11 tricks – our only good board against the eventual winners. Beware of bridge players bearing gifts…..

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