Trump Coup in Manly

I was sitting West, playing with David Wiltshire in the Margaret Smith Memorial Congress at Manly Leagues Club.

Bd 8
Nil Vul
W Dealer
Q J 6 3 2
Q 9 8 7
Q 9 5
5 4
A K J 9 8 6 5
J 8 4
[ 8 ] A 10 9 4
A K J 10
A K 6 3
  K 8 7
6 3 2
Q 10 3 2
10 7 2

3NT P 6 P

3NT was undiscussed but generally played as a solid 7 card suit. East, with 5 guaranteed winners, bid directly to slam.

Lead: 6 from South. North play Q and declarer won A.

Declarer was reluctant to take the finesse immediately as:
– it might lose to a singleton
– North may win and give South a ruff.

Instead, David W cashed A and ruffed a . Now A and K, receiving the bad news that s were certainly not breaking! The only chance left was a trump coup, making sure that declarer has the same number of trumps as the defender.

David Wiltshire crossed to hand at trick 6 with a to the Ace, ruffing another at trick 7. Then, he led a small to K and cashed J, pitching a from dummy. He ruffed his last at trick 10 (South pitched a ); went back to hand at trick 11 with K and had a trump coup position, as South was left with Q & 10, while West had J & 9. So only one trick was lost and the contract galloped home!

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